Thursday, October 24, 2013

High Point Market kicks off the new design season with new trends and up-and-coming textures, colors and ideas. This is where new interior design innovations are born!

I had the unique experience of attending the Spring/Summer High Point Market and I am looking forward to implementing some of my favorite trends both in my residential and commercial design work.

1.     Jewel tones (emerald, turquoise and purples) – This is a fun trend in that these colors make a statement in any space. I saw rich indigo and navy hues, as well as soft lavender, violet and sapphire in the form of lamps, throws, chairs, couches and more. Statement pieces are now ushering in a new spectrum of color, and it couldn’t be livelier. While these colors are found primarily in accent pieces, they are far from side notes. These pops of color will add drama to any room.

2.     Alligator and snakeskin – While this trend lends itself to being wild, I loved seeing it designed in a much opposite fashion. The animal print gives a soft, aristocratic flair, adding a dramatic and luxurious effect to any room. The contrast of the animal print with a bold primary color (red for example) was simply stunning. Along with alligator and snakeskin, Shagreen which is shark or ray's skin adorned many desks, occasional tables, and and inserts in accent chests.

3. Inlaid shell accessories and tables – There was a heavy nautical theme at High Point Market this season. I saw an influx of navy blue, bold in its pairing with a soft ivory. Rope motifs, boats and flags adorned walls and inlaid shell accessories graced tabletops. Shells give a whimsical, romantic accent to any space, bringing to mind the ease of summer.

4.     Natural Wood – Natural wood was in abundance at High Point Market. I saw a particular influx of driftwood, re-vamped in epoxy as well as live cut, rustic wood and mounted on chrome. This hot trend stems from the recent eco-friendly movement, with the goal of creating warmth while rustic chic in the space. Natural wood makes any space cozy while altogether extraordinary.

5.     Painted accents and fabric inserts  - This last trend was spotted at High Point Market in the form of striking painted accents like curios and buffets (in greens and reds) with fabric inserts inlad. Often times these fabric inlays came in the form of complex geometric shapes, take for instance zigzag, the ever-popular chevron, or diamond. What I love about this trend is that the fabric inlays add a complexity and richness to such an every day item. These painted accents are sure to dress up any room, with the fabric inlays working to add a touch of elegance.

I find the above trends both exciting and complex for either my residential or commercial clients. I look forward to the opportunity to add both flair and elegance to your space with my latest findings!

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Check back soon for more trends!